Czech and Slovak Conference on Glass 2022


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The Czech and Slovak Conference on Glass is a traditional conference whose aim is to mediate social and professional meetings between members of the Czech and Slovak Glass Society and other people interested in glass. As part of its professional program, it will present the main directions of glass research and development and provide a platform for communication between glassmakers from academia and industry. The conference will also include a joint program with the Association of the Glass and Ceramic Industry, where current challenges in industry and education will be discussed.

The program will also host the 18th Conference on Electric Melting of Glass. The main topics will be all-electric melting, hybrid methods of heating glass furnaces, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and the use of renewable electricity sources.




The conference program will be composed of individual thematic blocks. In cooperation with the Association of the Glass and Ceramic Industry, there will also be a panel discussion on current topics and challenges of glass manufacturers. The backbone of the conference will, as usual, consist of invited lectures from leading experts who will present current research in the field of glass and amorphous materials. There will also be a poster section, which will allow other interested parties to present their research, solved problems, or just share their ideas with a wide glass community. The main part of the program will be in Czech and Slovak, but some lectures and posters will be in English.

The annual General Meeting of the Czech Glass Society is also planned as part of the conference program.


Important Dates


  • August 31, 2022 - early payment - reduced conference fee
  • November 9 - 11, 2022 - conference





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In case of any ambiguities or difficulties, please contact



Conference Fee


The conference fee includes lunches and refreshments during the conference, conference hall rental, social evening and other costs associated with organizing the conference.

  early bird payment by 31. 8. 2022   payment after 31. 8. 2022
Students 3000 CZK  4000 CZK
ČSS, SSS a ASaKP Members 4000 CZK 5500 CZK
Others 5000 CZK 6500 CZK


Please identify the payment by bank transfer in the message to the recipient:

Organization, Surname First_name

or when paying for multiple participants

Organization, Surname (1) First_name (1), Surname (2) First_name (2), ...


Conference account

Account number / bank code: 5823933349/0800

Account name: Česká sklářská společnost, z.s.

Account currency: CZK


For payments in foreign currency

Account number (IBAN): CZ88 0800 0000 0058 2393 3349

Bank code (BIC): GIBACZPX




The conference will also include a poster section.





Hotel Duo ( is located in the northern part of Prague, in the Prosek district and is easily accessible by public transport (metro line C, Střížkov station) or by car (near the D8 motorway). The hotel offers full conference facilities, including meals, accommodation and social dinners.



Scientific Committee


Ondrej Gedeon (chairman)

Aleš Helebrant

Vlastimil Hotař

Jaroslav Kloužek

Ladislav Koudelka

Marek Liška

Jan Macháček

Petr Mošner



Organizing committee


Petr Beránek

Jana Hurníková

Dušan Galusek

Tadeáš Gavenda 

Ondrej Gedeon (chairman)

Jaroslav Kloužek

Jan Macháček

Marek Novák

Peter Vrábel





Jana Hurnikova

Department of Glass and Ceramics, UCT Prague

Technicka 5

166 28 Praha 6

Tel.: +420 220 444 134